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You, Me and Cyberspace

By Faraz Talat Remember the good old days when we used to go out, interact with 3-D people and talk to them on the telephone, effectively conveying our feelings and emotions? Screw that. Now we have cyberspace! Let the World-Wide-Web handle your relationships for you! Why go through all the excruciating effort of dialing a [...]

Pakistani scientist’s breakthrough in Hormone Research

There is no limit to talent within Pakistan. A former Pakistani Harvard fellow, Dr. Talat Waseem, serving at Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore, has discovered important roles ghrelin in gastrointestinal tract. Ghrelin has been recently thought to be related to control of feeding behavior. He won 2009 Travel Award and presented his research work [...]

Is Meat Murder?

By Faraz Talat Being a meat-lover and a dedicated follower of Atkins all-protein diet program, I may not be the best person to preach this issue. But even I’m beginning to feel the sting of moral consciousness. With every passing year, our world changes dramatically. Centuries ago, killing people for land and gold was no [...]

Pakistan’s First Homemade Electric Car

By Haroon Munir Can somebody post a topic here for “First Electric Car in Pakistan”? Imagine never to put Petrol or diesel or CNG… and never have to change oil in your car. You drive your car almost Free. Below is the first Electric car in Pakistan, totally Homemade. Ladies if you wanna impress your [...]

The Real Leader

By Bakhtawar Ali – Chitti Sheikhian, Sialkot There are two types of leaders found in a society. The first type of leaders are those who have big issues, big bunkums and big promises. They always talk about a high profile issue. Thus they are publicized everywhere. They feather their nest by playing fool with the [...]

Shows for people with special talents

By XX Maddy XX Re: Pakistani channel launches hunt for Pakistan-India singing sensations I honestly think that Pakistan should be looking for a lot of young people with special talents such as singing, acting, etc. I am one of them! There should be talent shows and concerts. Actually, I HATE Indian or Pakistani music, I’m [...]

Demonising Pakistan

By Hasnain This is a very old post I guess, but I’m sure many people have noticed over and over. This is NOT about bridging the gap between Pakistanis and Indians. This movie is so sick and demonising of Pakistan it’s almost insulting. In the movie the mother of this girl will say to the [...]

Cricket Horrors

By KH When an American TV is to show some horror film, they announce that people of old age and heart patients should not see this film. So also should our TV do, when showing a match of our cricket team. Since our players are going to make such mistakes that when on the verge [...]

Land Reforms

By Kh The biggest menace that has had its evil effects on democracy, illiteracy, poverty in Pakistan is landlordism. The landlords of Punjab and vaderas of Sindh have been ruling this country since its inception. Land reforms are a must if we want to build a strong democratic country. Who is going to bell the [...]

Blackwater and their friends

By Abdul Rehman Blackwater remains the hot topic these days with no one any wiser listening to the pronunciations of all the experts. Well here is the truth to nail all denials and settle the issue once for all. Blackwater came to Pakistan in 2007, with Mr Eric Prince meeting his potential helpers personally. The [...]