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The Real Leader

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By Bakhtawar Ali – Chitti Sheikhian, Sialkot

There are two types of leaders found in a society. The first type of leaders are those who have big issues, big bunkums and big promises. They always talk about a high profile issue. Thus they are publicized everywhere. They feather their nest by playing fool with the people and this is what they call “politics”. So these are the people who come in the front light but poor masses could never be able to get a real benefit from them.

On the other hand there is a second type of leader who is a real philanthropist. He has a higher yearning in his breast for providing relief to common man and has a pain of every individual in his heart. Such an act though doesn’t give him any personal fame but every citizen of a nation is equally benefited by his motivation. He makes every common man a hero in his own circle. The pomp worshipers though worship the first type of leader but the real well wishers of humanity are the second type of leaders.

But unfortunately the second type of leaders are very rare and perhaps in Pakistan they are totally eclipsed.

There is a great man who makes every man feel small. But the real great man is the man who makes every man feel great.