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NFK-like Song by Metallica?

I found this song on Metallica’s website that Santana has composed. The song “Trinity” (in the upcoming album of Santana) seems very identical and inspired by the song “Longing” by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in the album “Night Song” by Michael Brook. You can listen to the song on the link posted above and you [...]

Where is the blog?

My first visit to your site. Congrats on a great effort. However you should add a simple format blog or a forum so that people can post comments and read others. If it is there, how can I find it? Thanks. Mustafa PakPositive: Hehe, you’re on it. May be allowing comments on Opinion posts?

Investing in Pakistan

Ejaz Ahmed Chughtai The before and after snapshots of the Musharraf era present a compelling picture for investors. Pakistan is arguably one of the four to five most dynamic economies in Asia. The challenge now is to keep up the pace of reform.

Excellent content, even better intent!

I felt really proud to see your website. Homegrown media growth, both within and outside Pakistan, is a critical step to communicating our nation’s reality to the international community. We have a similar effort on The Saturday Post and hope that more publications come up in the future that can truly create a strong media [...]

Something all Pakistani’s have been searching for

I run a Yahoo! group on Pakistan ( and came across Pakpositive while surfing through articles on the e-zine Band Baja. And I was thorougly amazed! Pakpositive can only be described as “the light in the darkness”, because never before, have Pakistani’s, especially people of the younger generation who have difficulty coping with their identity [...]

Education for poor people

Severly seen in our society that there is no any special contributions for poor people of our country as all know very well that how the importance of education grow day by day, so i think, the scholarship oppurtunities should be reserved for deserving and poor people. Mudassir Hussain Qureshi (srm)

Glasgow’s Pakistani Film Festival

Nadeem I’m from Glasgow, Scotland and I love your website. We are hosting the first ever Pakistani film festival in europe(I think it might even be the world!). If you check out the Glasgow Herald newspaper website nearer the time I think you may well get some interesting stories .I’ll do my best to send [...]

Culture and history

khan I think your attempt is very positive and creative in making this website. However, this has to be a genuine effort to project positive attributes of pakistan, that doesn’t nesscarly comes from dry news items. THis could be reflectant of pakistan’s asipiration, and reflectant of it’s culture as well. news articles about our potential [...]


Great job !I was going through your website and i could not help but be impressed at your liberal and unbiased attitude towards the Indo-PAk situation, and also on issues regarding religion, politics, sports etc. This is a very progressive attitude and i wish u all the best in ur future endeavours… My name is [...]

Centers of textile and handicrafts?

Ramla I recently went to Saudi Arabia where I was struck by the Indian garments and textiles that were present everywhere – and a gorgeous variety of them! That made me think – where are the Pakistani textile and handicrafts? What different varieties are there? Why aren’t they showcased to the world? NOW, I’m [...]