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You, Me and Cyberspace

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By Faraz Talat

Remember the good old days when we used to go out, interact with 3-D people and talk to them on the telephone, effectively conveying our feelings and emotions?

Screw that. Now we have cyberspace! Let the World-Wide-Web handle your relationships for you! Why go through all the excruciating effort of dialing a number when you can simply “poke” a friend on Facebook? And decorate your updates with an emoticon that comes somewhat close to your actual feeling… we have a wide array of emoticons to choose from.

It’s disturbing how we’re pumping our souls out into machines and using them to handle problems which are purely “human”. We’re investing so much in a precarious system which, if collapses, would cause our identity, our social standing, our work to go down the drain with it!

Get real, people… and I mean that literally.