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Land Reforms

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By Kh

The biggest menace that has had its evil effects on democracy, illiteracy, poverty in Pakistan is landlordism. The landlords of Punjab and vaderas of Sindh have been ruling this country since its inception. Land reforms are a must if we want to build a strong democratic country.

Who is going to bell the cat. One, the judiciary, particularly the Shariat courts can do it. Islam teaches us to spend whatever is beyond our needs, on the poor. The maximum land holding of a person should be two hundred acres, while the minimum should be twenty-five acres.

Secondly, how long can you keep the poor from snatching their rights which means a bloody revolution.

Thirdly, the takeover of the country by a dictator like Husni Mubarak of Egypt where land reforms have been carried out.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely agree with you.
    However, unfortunately with Pakistan… we know what the problems are but fail with the solutions..

    Lynette Dias-Gouveia