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KPT Water Fountain

I would like to congratulate and appreciate what s doing and it is certainly very nice and gratifying to see positive news about Pakistan without any bias on a regular basis. Keeps our hopes and spirits high for our homeland. Hope you guys keep up the great work and wish you all the best [...]

Ferrari hires Pakistani crew!

Ferrari’s F1 Team has fired its entire Pit Crew. The announcement followed Ferrari’s decision to take advantage of Pakistan’s unemployment, and hire unemployed Pakistani youth from Karachi. The decision to hire them was brought on by a recent documentary on how they were able to remove a set of wheels from a car parked in [...]

Pakistan Contingent Leaps Beyond Normal Duties

Last para: “Perhaps the Pakistan Contingent with the UNMIL will best be remembered for the benevolent feeling and warmth they have been able to generate among the destitute and war torn people of Liberia parading a gregarious and sociable approach manifested through wide range of community based assistance initiatives with concurrent undertaking of sacrosanct responsibilities [...]

Well done Karachi Sisters

Well done Karachi Sisters! This is called Innovation!!!!!!!! Wish you more and more success, one suggestion is, also make our great work in Farsi available in Urdu, so we can learn Iqbal, Saadi and other great writers, philosophers, whose gems are in Farsi and we are not able to understand, and do not know Farsi. [...]

17-year-old British Pakistani philanthropist

I have recently interviewed a young promising singer Sarah Francis (British Pakistani) who is also a famous philanthropist and vocalist and using her singing potential for noble cause of charity. She is only 17 years old and has been awarded with so many prestigious awards. 17-year-old British Pakistani philanthropistSarah is visiting Pakistan now-a-days; during an [...]

Any info about Quetta

Any info about Quetta? As being a citizen of Quetta. All I could see in ur news is karachi and lahore and places which are very known. Where is Quetta ? Even in the photos section. What about Quetta ? Maniya PakPositive: Very true. Balochistan is under-reported in the mainstream media (hence the trend reflected [...]

Karachi Cricket Match

“The best ever one day match was the first match of the series when India last visited Pakistan played in Karachi.. Even though India won the match but….. “ I have quoted these from an internet site,,,, & yet another exiting match between Pakistan & England. Even though Pakistan was fully in charge of match [...]

What is your criteria of positive?

I strongly believe that Pak Positive should revisit its criteria of a positive news, can you please let me know how opening of a Tattoo shop marks as a positive, it is actually complete opposite. I think as Pakistanis we should cherish our family and cultural values, and hold on to them tightly. I agree [...]

PIA Concorde?

A Dream….. Although the dream of a PIA Concorde will remain a dream…. But nevertheless PIA now holds the World Record to fly the longest flight ever in the history of aviation in cooperation with Boeing….. Tabraiz Feham PakPositive: Dream on! Concorde’s history too, by the way.

Paper Trail

Roughly translated from French, Couture Paperie would mean papery fashion. Not a far shot from what the exclusive Lahore based products and service company launched by two NCA alumni provides.We generally think of paper as providing the base for any aesthetic exercise, or to wrap up something creative perhaps, without often giving much thought to [...]