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Demonising Pakistan

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By Hasnain

This is a very old post I guess, but I’m sure many people have noticed over and over. This is NOT about bridging the gap between Pakistanis and Indians. This movie is so sick and demonising of Pakistan it’s almost insulting.

In the movie the mother of this girl will say to the Indian guy:

”beta kya tumhari mulak mein sabb mard aise hote hain?” (as in ‘are all men in India like this good?’ — Giving the clear impression that Pakistani men are dirt and Indian men are better for Pakistani women…)

Hello???? Pakpositive??? There are many more Indian movies depicting some Indian guy ending up marrying a Pakistani woman. You’d think they’d ever show a Pakistani guy coming over to India, converting a Hindu girl to Islam and marrying her???? Not in a million years. And then the list of Indian movies demonising Pakistan goes on and on.

Where as the government banned Indian movies ages ago, private rental stores care more for the bollywood love in our people than for the insult and shame many of these movies will bring.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what kind of bullcrap the sick minded indian storytellers cook up. We know what they stand for, so no suprise here. Pak government should atleast come hard on these video renters and force them to screen out anti pakistan propaganda.

  • S Dinesh

    yaar not fair yaar, Veer Zara was an epic trying to bridge connections. and one more thing Hindu and Indian are not interchangable words.
    Sharukh Khan the king of Bollywood fell in love and maarried a hindu.