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Global Warming and Poor Countries

By Mahreen Adil Naqvi Global warming has become the most talked-about environmental issue today. Governments, corporations, and individuals around the world are debating the reality of global warming, and working on solutions. Global warming is not only a threat to our future health, it already contributes to more than 150,000 deaths and 5 million illnesses [...]

Time to Rent Out the Country

By Dr Muhammad Iqbal Bad news after bad news. From both home and abroad. The “F State” phrase keeps popping up among Pakistan-bashers of the world. The world hates us. The good guys hate us. The bad guys hate us. Now even God and nature hate us. People living in urban middle-class/posh localities are hardly [...]

Stem Cell Storage in Pakistan

By Syed Ajaz Ahmed Typically, stem cells were obtained from the bone marrow of the patient or from a donor. The stem cells obtained from Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB) are matched with the baby and have quite significant chances of matching with siblings, parents, grand parents and cousins or the first line relatives. Cryo Cell [...]

Nestle Pakistan Brands Face Tough Competition

By Afia Jamal Nestle is having hard time in Pakistan. First it was Aquafina by Pepsi that snatched its market share of mineral water then it was Olper’s by Engro Foods siding the Nestle Milk Pak and becoming the market leader of the category. And this time its also a launch by Engro Foods that [...]


By Musa Ghaznavi I think it is high time for Pakistan to try democracy because everything else failed. To the present system I have a new term that is Corruptocracy. If this prevails with the help of glutton politicians, the poor masss will go on suffering. We need a person like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan [...]

Time to Make Anti-Americanism Unfashionable

By Faraz Rana When I first learned that the suspect in an incident to set off a bomb in Times Square was Pakistani, my reaction was somewhat jaded. Most of us Pakistanis living here in the United States have become accustomed to the unflattering amount of attention given to our country of birth. Perhaps as [...]

A New Social Reformer on the Block

By Vidya Bucking the trend of 24-hour news channels that choose to highlight only the scandals of the day, programmes such as Geo Hina Ke Saath on Geo TV tackle the hard issues in a more inclusive manner with that all-important ingredient for a conversation – time. Let the over-the-top, drawing room setting of the [...]

If Only Faisal Shahzad Had Read Thoreau

By Vidya The first question moderator Matiullah Jan asked of a rather regal looking older woman on his programme Sawaal (Dawn TV) was the question of the nationality of Faisal Shahzad (the Times Square failed bomber). The implied question was “How much blame should Pakistan admit to?” The lady rose to the occasion and dismissed [...]

Old-World Charm of Pakistani TV Channels

By Vidya When the charming Sonia Rahman Qureshi conducts her daily interviews on First Blast (Dawn TV) she has an unusual co-host that most programmes across the world sorely lack – time. Since an unusual affection for all things Pakistan has taken over my priorities, it was time for me to study the good, the [...]

Classical Dance in Pakistan

By Vidya Tehreema Mitha, a renowned Bharata natyam dancer from Pakistan was being interviewed on PTV Home. A strikingly attractive woman, she spoke of her unique upbringing in Pakistan, her difficult choice of vocation, competition from across the border and lack of following for the art in Pakistan. Her approach to this ancient South Asian [...]