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Cricket Horrors

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When an American TV is to show some horror film, they announce that people of old age and heart patients should not see this film. So also should our TV do, when showing a match of our cricket team. Since our players are going to make such mistakes that when on the verge of winning, they would be sure to loose. Call it lack of confidence or match-fixing.

Our present cricket team is not half as good as the Australian and the Indian teams. There is not a 20% chance of winning the world cup. With the present entire PCB setup, selectors, and players, the entire team except a few, can be replaced. There is no dearth of talent. Injured players and out of form players including the captain should be replaced.

As I write this, with the television open before me, one of our fielders has caught an amazing catch which was bound to make a 4 at least, my heart leaps, then all of a sudden it seems there is a hole in his hands, for the ball finds its way out of them. A sigh escapes me. I shake my head, and return to my work.

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  • Shani

    Ya exactly. Our team is not of that standard i.e Australia and India. We'll be back soon.