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Blackwater and their friends

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By Abdul Rehman

Blackwater remains the hot topic these days with no one any wiser listening to the pronunciations of all the experts. Well here is the truth to nail all denials and settle the issue once for all.

Blackwater came to Pakistan in 2007, with Mr Eric Prince meeting his potential helpers personally. The activities of two companies Kestral Logistics and Special Projects are dedicated to Capacity Building (Their Own!), servicing and supporting Blackwater (XE). These two companies are involved with USAID programmes.

After their parent Trading House was BLACKLISTED as reported in Nation on September 24, 2009, stories have started surfacing.

The trading company has previously done enormous business in the Defence area, some say its success has been unprecedented. But of late the Air Force, Navy and Army are unhappy with their self seeking ways and unhelpful approach. A well known businessman worried about their attempts to undermine the Submarine deal for the Navy claims that their strong defence team has broken up. The response of this company has been to set up a Trust “Faucet” through which the US AID, CNTPO, UNDP, they hope, will do business.

Their involvement with XE is however, well known and the Logistics and Special Projects Companies have only to be questioned to verify facts. The two companies own a warehouse in I-9 ( Does CDA care?) where there is tight security and no one is allowed. WPNs, Hummers, Arms and Ammunition are brought here with no End User specified. The companies have built Barracks and Killing Houses at Tarbela, Warsak and Gwadar for Blackwater, their clients. These facilities are on the ground and can be visited. The Companies also work with Customs, Coast Guards, Maritime Security, KPT etc. US funding is made available direct to these organizations with the help of the Logistics Company as confirmed by Finance Deptt insiders to a Citibanker.

No Govt or Official Agency is kept in the loop. The Presidents of these two companies based at F-8 and F-7, should be able to explain all this. The Logistics Company has also created a Security Company in Islamabad, “Global Responsibility”. Overseen by a Two Star and several One star Officers. They have hired SSG Commandos for whom Foreigners are arranging advanced training. Does this ring a Bell? Shades of the Inter Risk scandal? Blackwaters’ whereabouts should no longer be doubted.

As reported in Newspapers recently, these programs are run from USA, Washington and CENTCOM HQs Tampa where the CEO and a naval officer along with Mr Noriega, Eric Pendleton and CHRISTINA ROCCA mastermind all this at considerable cost.

(You may get confirmation by visiting either the warehouse or office on the addresses given above.)

  • Ghayas Ali

    Its a good documentry which communicate people betterl…keep it up

  • Anonymous

    From the level of the details it is quite obvious that the author was an 'insider' who has a personal grudge or is jealous of the 'enormous business' and 'unprecedented success' of the company, and perhaps wants some share of the business. Such phenomenon is not uncommon.

    It is surprising that a newspaper of the stature of The Nation could stoop to such low levels of journalism even to publish "Unsubstantiated rumours…." (The Nation 24 Sep). The bias of newspaper's editor is clearly evident from the report of ANI (below) in which the editor was warned:

    "Pak security agencies reprimand editor for carrying Blackwater stories
    September 20th, 2009 – 7:00 pm ICT by ANI –
    Islamabad, Sep. 20 (ANI): Pakistani security agencies have reprimanded the editor of a Lahore-based English daily, demanding her to furnish concrete evidence of her newspaper’s claims of US security contractor Blackwater operating in Pakistan.

    The newspaper had carried stories on Blackwater’s alleged presence in Pakistan quoting army or intelligence sources, the Daily Times reports.

    Last week, Pakistani investigators visited the newly-appointed female editor and asked to substantiate her claims on Blackwater’s alleged presence.

    According to officials, during a meeting that lasted more than an hour-and-a-half, the editor kept changing the names of the people who had provided her with the information.

    Dissatisfied with her answers, senior official warned the editor to check her facts before publishing reports.

    She was also told to refrain from claiming close ties with the intelligence agencies and claiming close ties with intelligence agencies, as she recently did on a TV chat show. (ANI)

  • Anonymous

    It is shameful that the journalist community of Pakistan has such low standards of ethics and would publish and show anything that sells, without gauging the possible consequences. Do you not understand that such information produced in the print and electronic media would make the subject Pakistani company a target for the malicious elements involved? Without concrete evidence supporting the allegations the newspaper has published the names, addresses and other unconfirmed commercial secrets of an organization, jeopardizing the security of more innocent Pakistanis.

    This act of irresponsibility should be taken into notice by the law enforcements agencies and the news media should be refrained (by law) from publishing such information in the future, in an effort to protect our fellow Pakistanis from harm.

    Sham on you, The Nation (News Paper).

    A Concerned Pakistani.

  • Anonymous

    Some one is misusing his freedom of speech.

  • Anonymous

    Pse note what The Nation has been upto lately:

    International Media Organizations Write to Government About The Nation
    Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

    BREAKING: A group of 21 international media organizations has written a letter to Minister of Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira expressing concern about The Nation.

    The letter is in response to an article by Kaswar Klasra in The Nation earlier this month that – with no evidence or factual support – accused a fellow journalist of being a spy. This group letter to the Minister comes following public condemnation from Committee to Protect Journalists and an appeal from the editor of The Wall Street Journal.

    The letter is signed by Editors from ABC News, Agence France-Presse, Associated Press, The Guardian, BBC, The Independent, CNN, Al Jazeera, The Economist, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, France Info, McClatchy Newspapers, National Public Radio, Reuters, The New York Times, TIME, Newsweek, The Times, Radio France Internationale, and The Wall Street Journal.

    The letter reads as follows:

    TO: Qamar Zaman Kaira,
    Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Government of Pakistan
    4th Floor, Cabinet Block, Pakistan Secretariat, Islamabad

    RE: Nation article about Wall Street Journal reporter

    16 November 2009

    Respected Minister Kaira,

    We are writing to register our strong concern at a recent development that has caused alarm among international media organizations working in Pakistan.

    On November 5, The Nation newspaper published a front page article accusing Matthew Rosenberg, a correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, of working for the C.I.A., Israeli intelligence and the U.S. military contractor Blackwater.

    Mr. Rosenberg is a respected journalist of high standing. Not only was the article unsubstantiated, it critically compromised his security and raised questions about whether he can return to Pakistan to work safely in the future.

    The article also has broader implications. These are difficult times for all journalists in Pakistan. Our employees already face an array of threats, including violence and kidnapping, as they strive to provide timely and accurate coverage. Now those risks have been needlessly increased.

    We strongly support press freedoms across the world. But this irresponsible article endangered the life of one journalist and could imperil others. It is particularly upsetting that this threat has come from among our own colleagues.

    We recognize that courageous Pakistani journalists routinely face greater dangers than their international counterparts. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, five Pakistani journalists have been killed in the past 12 months alone. And we are heartened that several Pakistani media organizations have denounced The Nation’s story.

    But we are also concerned that an incident of this kind – tarring a foreign reporter as a spy – could occur again. We ask the government of Pakistan to take note of this story and to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of all media personnel in future.

    -Its about time The Nation was 'blacklisted'.

  • uqf1

    Matthew Rosenberg is Jew, and is probably an amoral tribalist in support of his ethnicity like most Jews are. Since the CIA, the Mossad and the Christian Zionist terrorist group Blackwater all work towards the same purposes, it is not a stretch to refer to Rosenberg as their agent (although it would be more accurate to say that the CIA is Rosenberg's agent). Anyway, Rosenberg is no objective journalist, he has an agenda and kudos to the Nation for mentioning it.

  • Black Water

    There are two types of opinions in Pakistan regarding the existance of Black Water in Pakistan.
    Interior Minister Pakistan says I can bet that Black water doesn't exist in Pakistan.
    Other says Black water is very strong net work in Pakistan working for America.

  • Anonymous

    black water do exist in pakistan!
    media is really strong nowadays. and we cannot belief our beloved politicians who are very well known for corruption.