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Shame on the Private Media of Pakistan

As a Pakistani born American I am deeply ashamed of the management of Pakistani TV stations like Geo and Ary. They could contribute to helping the different parties to have dialog and bring some sense of ‘Hubulwatani’ to our strife torn country. The media loves to FAN the flames of discontent. Our Politicians and Mullahs [...]

Paragliding in Pakistan

Paragliding is a very young Aerial Flying sport. In Pakistan a very few people know about it. But as the time is passing, it is growing day by day. Pakistan Association of Free Flying ( contributing its major role in promoting this energetic sport. Some local clubs are also playing a role in promoting this [...]

Microcredit in Pakistan

Microlending is an emerging field in Pakistan that is generating much activity and interest. It is a solid solution to problems of poverty, and its drastic results. During the recent investigations of the 4/11 Nishar Park blast, it was revealed by responsible authorities that they are aware of young men who are willing to kill [...]

Karachi’s W11 Minibus in Melbourne

Pictures of the Karachi Tram…057594089284512/ subsepehlepakistan – Re Karachi’s W11 Minibus in Melbourne Go to for full story and pictures of the story. Khalid

Lahore photos

Lahore Photos – 4 – response to Rizanna’s commentsI 100% agree with you that there is no harm in focusing positive features of a city and modern aspects of Pakistan. But to me positive picture of Pakistan would be a tolerant , disciplined nation who respect all with their differences. Tall sky scrapers , glamorous [...]

Tracking Mobile Phones

[Re] When your mobile phone is switched on, your cellular network provider knows exactly where you are in the world to within a hundred metres or so. Similar technology is used to track down lost aircraft and yachts through their radio beacons. It’s not identical, because most radio beacons use satellites and cell phones use [...]

Group against the ban

You are probably aware by now of the ban that has been put into place on the domain. We are no longer able to access it without proxifiers. I’ve put together an action committee of fellow Pakistani bloggers who will soon launch an organized, disciplined protest against the ridiculous ban. Please help us spread [...]

Why Violent Protests?

No doubt that the violent protests in Lahore, Peshawar and few in Karachi are largely condemned by all political and religious parties but we have to take serious consideration and strict measures about these events to prevent them in future. The main causes of such violent demonstration are lack of education, poverty, unemployment and frustration [...]

Don’t Burn Pakistan

It won’t mean a thing. Naive young students in their uniforms are running on the streets, people are getting killed and we are anxious for some time bomb to explode. Is this my Pakistan? Me and a few friends who believe this world will not be changed by burning flags alone are posting here. [...]

How Pakistan Is Picking Itself Up

businessweek…campaign_id=rss_daily Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz talks about efforts to deregulate and build the economy while overcoming the recent earthquake and fighting terrorism. Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz traveled to New York and Washington in late January to meet with President George W. Bush, as well as U.N. officials and investors. He came at a delicate [...]