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Supplies to school

My students have collected school supplies and would like to send them to the school in Pakistan sponsored byGlamour’s woman of the year. Is there a contact person anyone can send us so we can get this stuff to Pakistan? Ms. Feeney

BBC Article: Pakistan quake revives civic power

Please read it and see if it’s your cup of tea or not. I for one felt very good after reading it. Pakistanis have astounded themselves with their own generosity since the catastrophic earthquake that hit the country on 8 October. A tidal wave of ordinary people have rushed to help the victims of [...]

Article on Pakistan Israel Diplomatic Process

There’s a nice article on Pakistani-Israel diplomacy process which I thought sharing on Pak Positive. To quote from the article: The latest piece of evidence they have mobilized is the delay of six days between receiving an offer of Israeli aid to victims of last month’s earthquake and Pakistan’s conditional acceptance of it, and the [...]

Pakistani-American Author’s Book Wins Norumbega Award

Beyond the Cayenne Wall, a collection of short stories by Pakistani-American author Shaila Abdullah received the Jury Prize for Outstanding Fiction in the 2005 Norumbega Fiction Awards. It’s an an annual literary competition open to American and Canadian writers who have completed a work of fiction since 2003. The book was released in October. It [...]

How would you relate this?

In accordance to Friday, 4 November post having title, “Pakistani Woman Named Glamour’s Woman of the Year”. How would you relate this to the positive side of Pakistan? After reading the full story, felt so disgusted by the international media and NGOś how hungry they are to disgrace Pakistan. Saky PakPositive: The story is also [...]


Hey what happened! Wowieeeeezowabunga!!! You keep surprising. Not sure that I like it but sure is different! Aamir–all who agree that this new look is bad plz raise your hand!! sami –snazzy & simply positive change of layout! Just oone observation that please bring a chat or forum section soon! Iftarian–Something positive in the heap [...]

No issue bigger than Earthquake Issue

“We are endangered because of known dangers. There are also unknown dangers ahead so we are endangered and dangers we have controlled do not promise us endangering again” An earthquake is a vibration of the Earth produced by a rapid release of energy. The main features include the focus, the location within the Earth where [...]

Priorities, profits and perspective

The US has offerred 10 million dollars in aid to the victims of the Kashmir earthquake. Sound like a lot of money? Well, to put that in perspective, ExxonMobil just posted the greatest quarterly (3 month) profit of an US company ever over 100 billion dollars. What is 10 million to Exxon Mobil?13 minutes of [...]

Pakistan’s GDP Growth rate in 2005

In the Fiscal year ending June 2005, Pakistan’s GDP Growth rate was 8.4% which is the second highest among the ten most populous countries in the world after china.Pakistan’s export grew by as much as 17% and country also saw increasing foreign investments in the IT sector and telecom. Thanks to cheap labor, a low [...]

Your website has a long way to go to improve

I think your intent is genuine, unique and positive. There is a great need for news that depicts Pakistan in more rounded fashion, and to bring ‘pride’ to our nation. Having said that, I would like to say that your website has a long way to go to improve. Please stop cutting and pasting any [...]