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Pakistan’s First Homemade Electric Car

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By Haroon Munir

pakistan electric carCan somebody post a topic here for “First Electric Car in Pakistan”?

Imagine never to put Petrol or diesel or CNG… and never have to change oil in your car. You drive your car almost Free. Below is the first Electric car in Pakistan, totally Homemade.

Ladies if you wanna impress your husband get in this hobby. And you can become multi-bazillianoire in a week.

Here is more info.

Alexander 212

Pakistan is a very suitable country for electric cars where typical distance done by small Mehran size car per day is appox less than 100 kms and city conditions in which car’s travel at 30-40 kms/hr most of the time, this all specs suits to electric car since cheap electric car’s with 4–6 Kw motors can do this easily and cheaply and since when the electric car is stuck in traffic unlike their petrol counterparts it counsumes no electric.

I have almost done a project of electric car which will be recharge through air. when car run on the road or stop at airy palace, the system of this vehicles recharge the batteries automatically. Paperwork and design is complete. I will start working on it within few days. if any one want to know more details, contact 0321-9112000.


  • Nazim Shahzad Warraich

    I wanna more information about it.

  • Anonymous


  • Syed Ali Abbas

    I am surprised that in this loadshading era Pakistan has made an electric car…..Please I need information and photos of this car and if I like I can buy it,Whats the prize?????


    Ali Abbas

  • ami6

    ha ha …why not import it from India………

  • zeeshan

    is it true? i can’t believe it. if it s so it’s really wonderful and of great pride for us paksitani.

  • talha

    i am working also on electric car which will be recharge batteries with air. you can contact [email protected]

  • Hassas

    Talha, send me some more info about your project please and whether it is ready or not yet? email em [email protected]

  • saad

    Salaams to all

    It is a really good idea to make electric cars. Someone should also try to make electric bikes so that it would be more beneficial for the lower income group. I would like to know the details that what is main equipment equipment to make such things

  • Danish

    talha bro i am working on it too please share with me i have another source for fast charging of a battery. my e-mail adress is [email protected]

  • arif

    talha great efort i’m wishing for this kind of acheivement wish u good luck and intimate me when it is ready for sale i want to buy [email protected]

  • saad

    Salaams to all

    Talha Bhai , also try to work on creating an electric motorcycle. So that people who cant afford cars but only bikes, can also save fuel expenses. I really appreciate what you and others like you are doing. May Allah bless you all with high motivation and willingness to help others.

  • Salman
  • Salman Ahmed
  • Ahmad

    The whole story seem to be a pack of lies.
    Please don’t make jokes with Pakistan.
    Do something in reality if you can.
    And sorry if I hurt ur feelings.