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Pakistani scientist’s breakthrough in Hormone Research

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There is no limit to talent within Pakistan. A former Pakistani Harvard fellow, Dr. Talat Waseem, serving at Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore, has discovered important roles ghrelin in gastrointestinal tract. Ghrelin has been recently thought to be related to control of feeding behavior. He won 2009 Travel Award and presented his research work at recently held International Symposium on Ghrelin at Tokyo, Japan.1,2,3

‘International Symposium on Ghrelin’ is the main stage for presenting and discussing discoveries about ghrelin in the world. Dr. Waseem was the only researchers who presented three original papers at the meeting and only Pakistani to participate at this prestigious forum.

Dr. Waseem’s work presented at symposium relates to role of newly discovered hormone ghrelin in gastrointestinal tract. He has discovered anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties of ghrelin in gastrointestinal tract, which might be harnessed to treat conditions like Ulcerative Colitis, Short Gut Syndrome, and septic gut injury. His research work has been viewed as an important breakthrough in area of ghrelin research.

Dr. Waseem is a well known Pakistani research scientist, who in collaboration of Harvard Medical School has previously published 12 original reports4 in the peer reviewed international journals including Journal of American College of Surgeons5, Surgical Oncology, Surgery, Peptides, Cancer Research & Clinical Cancer Research. His work mainly focuses on ghrelin & pancreatic / colorectal cancer.


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