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Did Jinnah have Asperger’s syndrome?

Like Michelangelo, Newton, Ludwig, John Nash, Micheal Ventris, Simone Weil, Michael Farady and other genuis people of the history, MA Jinnah had Asperger’s syndrome. We proved in this article which was published in Irish Psychiatrist: an official journal of Irish Psychaitrist association journal. It is worth reading reference which includes Pakistani history as well. Dr [...]

Pakistan in the third largest beauty pageant- Miss Earth

Pakistan has broken those barriers that were never dreamed of, In just one year, Pakistani delegates were sent to Miss Tourism International, where Pakistan won Best Talent and Miss Disco for the dancing portion and finally Miss Earth was a big step towards changing attitudes in Pakistani culture. The most controvertial part of the pageant [...]

Pakistan Earthquake 2005

Earthquake Victims Information System The students of International Islamic University volunteered and collected data from various hospitals. Most of this data was in raw form and handwritten. Some of the hospitals simply denied providing the data. The students converted whatever was made available to them through their private efforts into a searchable archive. The technical [...]

Law & Order

Why all the rules/laws are for ordinary citizens? MNA, MPA, businessmen used the vehicles with black paper windows, which actually prohibited on any type of vehicle. If an ordinary man did it, the police constable challaned him. Who will challan Ministers, businessmen etc? M. Yasir Hafeez


this is the first time i have visited your website and i must say i’m very impressed by the content here. i truely believe ppl like u represent the majority of ppl in our country. You know every community has their upsides and downsides including us, life will always bring many challenges ahead of us, [...]

Pakistani Music Site

While Browsing the internet i find a pakistani music site that contains no pop up no annoying ads no need to register no need to signup ugly forms just click on your favourite artist and download the song, the site contains pakistani artists as well UK Bhangra MP3 a great musicall site i came to [...]

Pirated positivity! (about time?)

You know your site is popular when people pirating posts to other fourms. Check this out: is a verbatim copy of this Pakpositive…html Jam


I am planning a ride form london to India through Pakistan in sept 06. Know that a lot of Europeans have on a bullet, but not many mad Indians. Could some one tell me if its ok to cross the Iran Pakistan Border with a humble Indian passport. Any leads on this would be great. [...]

Wat r u doing

my name is shamraze akhtar and im 18 from uk bradford west yorkshire, i just like to say where has all the bloody pakistani talent gone, im realy angry that alot of pakistani people have so much talent in singing in the uk and outside and u cant even put talent shows for people who [...]

Launch a newspaper as well

First of all congratulation on such a great idea to bring the positive things about pakistan. Today this is very important as the citizens of Pakistan are being attacked from all sides to pollute the image of Pakistan and present pakistan state as a corrupted and unsecure place. This is hugly done by our media. [...]