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Good Governance

By Mujinks The words would need to be changed by myself again and again to keep this post publishable. Feel free to substitute the choicest of words from your own vocabulary. There could be a dozen or more topics that I could write about where good governance would be badly needed. Could someone tell our [...]

Googled Positive News Pakistan and Wow!

By Sharmeen All day I have had a bitter taste in my mouth, combined with this choking heavy feeling. Whatever I do, whatever I read gets overshadowed by the negative coverage our media broadcasts. I am all for freedom of speech, justice and bringing forth the truth… but… there are ways of going about things. [...]

Pakistan Among Fastest Telecom & Data Services Growth Countries

By Ali Nizari Pakistan is mentioned as one of the fastest growing country for telecommunications in a recent UN report on technology. It is very encouraging to know that there is realization in Pakistan that mobile phones and mobile telecommunications can help developing countries like us to improve our economy. The report says specifically about [...]

Recession and Grace

By 99names Seems interesting that everyone is focused on talking about recession and how it impacts people from all around the world. Many companies have even used the global recession as an excuse for “delayed salaries” and reimbursements. However, it is ironical how life for the owners and the executive board goes on unaffected. If [...]

Fed up by the negative

By Kamran I am also an ordinary Pakistani like yourself who is fed up by the negative coverage that Pakistan gets on international media. I have been away from Pakistan for quite some years but it doesn’t matter as my only identity is my country of origin. Honestly speaking there are times when I resent [...]

Ali Moeen Nawazish, Bravo!

By Saulat Affendi Ali Moeen Nawazish is a real role model for me from now on. He really made our country famous especially in these times. We all congratulate you and hope that you succeed in your future as well. Great achievement! All Pakistanis are proud of you. You proved that Pakistani nation is capable [...]

Ramchand Pakistani – Disappointing

By Khalid Re: Ramchand Pakistani Wins Indian Hearts I was disappointed to watch Ramchand Pakistani. Poorly directed it just drags and draaaaags. Some of the scenes reminded me of famous Hollywood movies and I was not expecting plagiarism from Mehreen. I have seen that shot in a Hollywood movie when Ramchand puts a bug in [...]

What is the reason for the downfall of Pakistani dramas?

As an avid watcher of Pakistani dramas in the past all I can say now about dramas being shown on channels these days: they are crap! What is the point of making stretched out soaps which have no direction in story lines or changing cast members half way in to a serial another thing that [...]

Don Quixote in Karachi

Don Quixote written by Cervantes is said to be one of the greatest Spanish revelations of all time. Now this mad night comes to Karachi!ACT’s latest production, “Don Quixote” will be playing at the Arts Council Theater, Karachi, from 23-27 November 2007. Tickets are available at Agha’s, Espresso and The Basement. A must attend for [...]

Fashion and Movie industry

1.I am very impressed with this site, however, why are you ignoring the fashion and movie industry? I did not see any link for Miss Canada World contest winners. Pakistan is a dynamic country and pakistani women are one of the most beautiful women in the world…why will you not mention no thing about them? [...]