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By XX Maddy XX

Re: Pakistani channel launches hunt for Pakistan-India singing sensations

I honestly think that Pakistan should be looking for a lot of young people with special talents such as singing, acting, etc.

I am one of them!

There should be talent shows and concerts. Actually, I HATE Indian or Pakistani music, I’m more interested in Hollywood! In fact, I know Western style better than our own! I’m a total western girl!

So please… Don’t waste people like me.. I mean, there must be a lot of young teens who want to have a career in music, acting etc… But they just want it to be of some other style.

So my point is, we should have shows in which, for example, people like me would have a chance to sing English songs(’cause honestly I don’t know any LOLLYWOOD or BOLLYWOOD song!) Hope you will understand!

  • sana

    why is western style better than our own?
    not being patriot at all. just a simple question…

  • j

    hey our style is better than all others