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Recession and Grace

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By 99names

Seems interesting that everyone is focused on talking about recession and how it impacts people from all around the world. Many companies have even used the global recession as an excuse for “delayed salaries” and reimbursements. However, it is ironical how life for the owners and the executive board goes on unaffected.

If I am not being too blunt, then I suppose the best way to put it is: “it seems the big bosses don’t get affected too much”. However, my observation of the Pakistan technology market reveals a different story.

If anyone’s interested, do let me know, I’ll be more than happy to share my review of the Pakistani Technology Market.


    Recession is affecting every person these days. Moreover, many economies are now coming out from the recession. But recession has both tastes opportunity as well as threat. So many economies are getting benefits from the recession and some are losing from it.