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Googled Positive News Pakistan and Wow!

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By Sharmeen

All day I have had a bitter taste in my mouth, combined with this choking heavy feeling. Whatever I do, whatever I read gets overshadowed by the negative coverage our media broadcasts. I am all for freedom of speech, justice and bringing forth the truth… but… there are ways of going about things. Anyways that is altogether a different discussion.

As I was about to switch off my computer tonight I thought, “There is not one positive thing i have read or heard today.” Not wanting to sleep under this blanket of pessimism, I opened Google and typed positive news. Didn’t get a hit to my liking so did a second search and googled “positive news Pakistan”.

What i saw was not something i was expecting. An article or two is what I was expecting to get. But a whole site dedicated to positive Pakistan.


Haven’t looked through the site as yet. Even finding such a site was enough to disperse all negativity. If your site is what I think it is then count me as a regular.

Just wanted to THANK YOU in advance for thinking of this.

PakPositive: It’s been online for a while now, and you’re most welcome. Thank you. :)

  • Anonymous

    This site is really a best site 4 Pakistan….i glad to see this website…..:-)