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Good Governance

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By Mujinks

The words would need to be changed by myself again and again to keep this post publishable. Feel free to substitute the choicest of words from your own vocabulary. There could be a dozen or more topics that I could write about where good governance would be badly needed.

Could someone tell our esteemed ministers (no matter which one) that to blame the past 8 years or the ones before that would not solve anything. A saying goes “where there is a will, there is a way”.

Swat Exodus or the IDPs they can easily blame from Jinnah till Musharraf that they made the mess, who #$%$^& errr messed up, by not planning properly for handling them. Or was it again a fault of people before them that they do not plan anything.

I would for this post at least focus more on Electricity Crisis. Stop blaming the west. Stop blaming everyone else. Let’s start blaming ourselves. Why can’t an elected person (a Minister) be put to task, if they fail to increase the output in a given time. After all how hard would it be. I would like to think that to establish small generation systems (preferably green) would not take more than 4 months. After all if someone can privately order a windmill or solar panels and have them working for them within a short span of 2 months, why can’t they as being part of government sanction a 100 if not 1000 of these projects.

Heck the amount they are charging for each unit, i sometimes fear what would the electricity bill be if the electricity is there for the whole month.