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Fed up by the negative

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By Kamran

I am also an ordinary Pakistani like yourself who is fed up by the negative coverage that Pakistan gets on international media. I have been away from Pakistan for quite some years but it doesn’t matter as my only identity is my country of origin. Honestly speaking there are times when I resent it but I guess a lot of other nationalities do that as well. After all no nation is perfect.

My wife is a journalist and she writes opinions in international publications. We spend an awful lot of our time reading international press and can’t help but notice the fact that ‘simple Pakistani news’ is amiss. Doesn’t creating a stereo-type of such a large nation defy common-sense? Were it only 1% of the population of Pakistan (1.5+ million) who believed in what the world thinks Pakistanis believe in, we would have seen end of time!

Obviously now is not the time to just sit back and hope that perceptions about Pakistan will change by themselves. Yours is a commendable effort. It simply shows that we are a living, breathing society not much different from any other. And though we have some serious problems, there is the other side of the coin too!

The only all female pop band in Pakistan is from NWFP, there are millions of Pakistanis abroad (both skilled and otherwise) who have made tremendous contributions to the societies they live in. We love our music, we have a thriving art scene, Pakistani fashion designers are known world-wide. Why don’t we take about these things as well?

Phew! This was my two-paisa worth and it was more an effort to vent out my frustration than anything else. I do visit your website and will do so more regularly in the future, contributing things which are ‘PakPositive’.