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What is the reason for the downfall of Pakistani dramas?

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As an avid watcher of Pakistani dramas in the past all I can say now about dramas being shown on channels these days: they are crap!

What is the point of making stretched out soaps which have no direction in story lines or changing cast members half way in to a serial another thing that annoys me is wall to wall glamour.

I doubt your average Joe Pakistani lives in a big house has a model wife and has a BMW parked in the drive way but that is not reality for most Pakistani these days with the cost of living soaring all round the world. Pakistani TV channels should show more gritty dramas with social issues but importantly go back to the successful formula of keeping dramas to 13 episode serials than competing with our Indian counterparts.

Being a patriotic British-Pakistani i think our top stars like Humayun Saeed who uses Indian actors and actresses who are considered third rate in there country should be banned and our stars like Humayun should be considered as traitors in helping ruin our television drama production industry now a days. OK you may agree or disagree with some of my comments but having seen our film industry falling a part and i do not want see our TV channels going on the same path to destruction so please please turn around and go back to making high quality dramas which in the past where considered better than Indian movies.

Nadeem Ashraf

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