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I am very impressed with this site, however, why are you ignoring the fashion and movie industry? I did not see any link for Miss Canada World contest winners. Pakistan is a dynamic country and pakistani women are one of the most beautiful women in the world…why will you not mention no thing about them? Glamorous, beauty fashion industry is not just about taking off their cloth but it takes much more to become miss universe or miss world…

Pakistani models are breaking the barriers and they deserve the credit and appreciation for their beauty, style, look..

Thank you and keep the good work on. It had been a shame to associate with Pakistan, but I am glad that their are people like you who are working to create positive image of paksitani people..


PakPositive: There are lots of posts on movies and fashion. Just do a search on PakPositive. For starters, check these out:

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I am so glad to find a category of show biz here. thank you.

I still do not see Nadia Ali and Junoon?? Thanks


PakPositive: Well, first the good news: try this revolutionary feature called Search PakPositive (also on the sidebar) and enter keyword “Junoon” without the quotes… et voila!… you will get what you seek – guaranteed! :) Bad news: it completely fails when searching for Ms Nadia Ali, but worry not, there’s another invention around the corner: the Web. Just select the option Web on the Search PakPositive page, instead of! Apologies.

Please find that I had been shamed to tell any one that I have ties with Pakistan, your web site is a fresh light to see the place in a whole different prospect. first time I am glad that I can point a finger and say “hey this person is from Pakistan and has a positive image”.

We have to put up with the negative media exposure regarding Muslim people and most of the Muslim people are too stupid, ignorant, rat brains to realize that discrimination, negative opinions, will destroy Muslim presence from western world and then they can sing songs about the so called culture and identity…

Thank you for setting up this web site… I wish there were more like you with a vision, understanding of changing needs..