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Hey what happened! Wowieeeeezowabunga!!! You keep surprising. Not sure that I like it but sure is different!


all who agree that this new look is bad plz raise your hand!!


snazzy & simply positive change of layout! Just oone observation that please bring a chat or forum section soon!


Something positive in the heap of negative websites about pakistan.Great website about pakistan for the world to see.h


To me you guys should bring some improvement to your web-site. I mean it is not very well updated . U guys have nothing for youngster like magazines u know things like that. Also, ur web is not attractive to tourist.P.S: Why donot u guys create your yahoo Pakistan just like Yahoo India.

Donot ignore my mail okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee seeeeeeee uuuuuuu on Yahoo Pakistan……….


Re: this, I think your site is great, the colours light green and dark and the white background represent us as Pakistan, the news coverage is clean. I think your site is a true representation of a liberal Pakistan.

Dont mind the comments you receive, unfortunately our confused people cant ever give a pat on our backs without criticizing everything first. Keep up the good work. And I would agree, even though you disagree, you are on a crusade to bring pride to our nation as I can see that if you did not have the love for Pakistan this site would never be up. I therefore salute you as a true and patriotic Pakistan.