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Article on Pakistan Israel Diplomatic Process

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There’s a nice article on Pakistani-Israel diplomacy process which I thought sharing on Pak Positive. To quote from the article:

The latest piece of evidence they have mobilized is the delay of six days between receiving an offer of Israeli aid to victims of last month’s earthquake and Pakistan’s conditional acceptance of it, and the conditions imposed, namely that aid from Israel could not be delivered directly by Israel. Under titillating headlines like “Pakistan’s Dirty Laundering,” Islamabad’s steps over the past few months are being described as little more than a Washington-pleasing trick.

I am afraid that these critics are missing the forest for the trees. The main point is that Pakistan has publicly acknowledged that it is accepting Israeli aid, and is now openly engaging the Jewish world. I saw as much thisweek in Pakistan, during a meeting with Musharraf and while inspecting the areas hit hardest by the earthquake.

No one expected that Pakistani-Israeli relations would reach full maturity overnight. We are witnessing a change, as complex and difficult a process as every major diplomatic volte-face — so the inescapable implication of such criticisms is that, as it has not reached its final destination, the process should be shut down.

Complete article at this url:

S. Abbas Z

  • Monie

    Mr Rosen is an American senator who’s visiting Pakistan. There’s also a news story about him at todays Pakistan daily The News Jang website if anyone intersted (you’ll have to find it on the top because there is no link to it)

  • Hasan

    It is important that Pakistan follows her own interests and develops relations with Israel, or anyone else for that matter, indepedently. All these years and years of Israel hating has only radicalised Pakistani society because of Pakistanis’ slave-minded affinity towards Arabs, which is understandable because of Ummah, oil-wealth and Arabs’ perceived superiority in Pakistan as Islam’s birthgivers. But it is also a fact that most Arab nations have never sided with Pakistan regarding Kashmir (primariliy a muslim issue). This only proves that it is pragmatic for Pakistan to follow its own path.