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Two thumbs way up!

I’m an Indian studying here in Canada and I just accidently happened to visit ur site. I must say that i am truly delighted with the way you are handling your site. Everything about this site is just great, from the main idea to the photos section, this opinion area and even the FAQs are [...]


I recently immigrated to Canada from pakistan. In honesty, I did not have much regard for your Pakpositive when I was still in Pakistan and often made fun of it…. thinking of it as an idealistic hogwash. However now I realized Pakpositive has proven its worth to me! keep up the good work man. Aamir

Open Letter to Pakistan President Musharraf

Contributed by Anthony This has been a bad couple weeks for your country, Pakistan. Every day brings more bad news. The worst indication is the drop in confidence among broad segments of the business community in Pakistan earlier this month, particularly the tech sector, which has been growing at over 50 percent per year [...]

Half Pakistani girl on TV

I dont know if this counts but this girl Noreen on a popular children’s show ZOOM is half pakistani half irish and quite proud of her pakistani heritage. Heres a link to her profile. She wants to be the US ambassador to Pakistan in the future Amber PakPositive: Of course it counts! Half a [...]

Hi from India

I am an Indian from Delhi, I am in Pakistan last month and surprise to see and feel lots of thing over their, I appreciate Pakistani culture, nature of the people, food some extend, thinking toward Indian and India. I am surprised to notice that no one is in favour of terrorism and anti- religion [...]

A need for cataloged Pakistani Exporters List

This Wiki Pakistan is a nice project. There is a great need of such database to collect Pakistan related stuff at one place. Similarly on this ground the most important step can be to put a single website for Business related database for Pakistan. In which all the exporters of Pakistan are impressively cataloged. This [...]

WikiPakistan: Pakistan Information Database

I am writing to introduce a project I have “founded”. I put that in quotes because I don’t really own the project; it is a public resource. PakPositive has been an inspiration to get this project started, and I acknowledge it in the “About” and “Sources of Information” sections of the database. Here’s the intro: [...]

Youngest Pakistani Microsoft Professional

I n ofcourse every Pakistani is simply joyous on this marvellous achievement , the nine year old Arifa Randhawa , made , it surely makes us a proud nation, but , what i want to acknowledge here is , im sure there are thousands and may be millions of kids and teenagers , who are [...]

Masala! Mehndi! Masti! 2005

North America’s largest free South Asian festival returns for its rocking 5th anniversary! Talented artists showcase innovative and traditional culture kicking off with a free screening of Bride & Prejudice, new dance works by Sukalyan Bhattacharya and other Toronto companies, the wildly successful Brit InvASIAN concert featuring the UK’s RDB (Rhythm Dhol Bass) and Sonik [...]

rola rules!!!…atleast it tries…

visit to download the mp3. it’s in the featured crap section. also checkout our new television spots and printwork in our portfolio section.uns PakPositive: Hmm… not quite sure what to make of this, so just posted it as it is.