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Gender action reform plan

THE approval of the gender action reform plan initiated with the assistance of the ADB is no doubt a welcome step as far as elimination of gender discrimination at workplace and more facilities for working women are concerned. However, what is disturbing about this plan is the absence of certain issues. For instance, what if [...]

Increase of Funds for US Fulbright scholarship program for Pakistan

“More than 1,000 Pakistanis should receive scholarships to pursue masters and PhD degrees in America in coming years,” Dr Clark said. “This is a smart investment-for Pakistan, for its future, and for continued close ties between Pakistan and the United States. It should also strengthen professional, research and people-to-people ties between Pakistani and American universities.” [...]

Karachi Mayor

The mayor of Karachi in one of the 65 finalists to compete in the best mayor of the world for the year of 2005. A number of 505 mayors took part in this competition and now only 65 are left. Courtesy of Azhar Pakistan—— ASKM, Thought you may be interested in putting this up [...]

Miss Pakistan Wins Miss Talent

Naomi Zaman, has won the best talent award for Pakistan in the 5th largest beauty pageant. Miss Tourism Queen International was held on July 2nd 2005. Naomi Zaman is the first PAksitani to win a title for Pakistan, we are very proud of her. Pictures are available on the website: Sonia Ahmed

Poor image of our country in Denmark

I have been here in Denmark for four months and I was shocked with poor image of our country among western people. I firmly believe this is only because of very negative coverage of Pakistan by dominating Media. I have many friends from different countries, your website is nice gift to me to suggest to [...]

Pakistan Economy Shows 8.4 Percent Growth

It’s wonderful that Pakistan is making great economic strides!! But at the same time we need to know what that 8.4% growth can really mean. It can mean 8.4% more air pollution. It can mean 8.4% more river wastes. It can mean 8.4% more respiratory problems among urban city dwellers. It can actually mean 8.4% [...]

High five!!!

GREAT job! This kind of website was MUCH needed… not only for the international community to view our country in the correct light, but also for our own people, who desperately crave positive news about our country…and for those of our country men who are into casual Pakistan-bashing…!PHENOMENAL effort, PHENOMENAL out come!You’ve done your country [...]

Excellent work, Keep it up !

I am Pakistani from L.A, USA. I accidently got to your site( but liked it so much that I can’t tell u. It is simply Awesome site. This is what we friends wish to do for some time as this was badly needed on net to provide a single place to have the positive stories [...]

for……….wind mill project of pakistan

we are so glad to know that pakistan’s Govt. is working for windmills and project is that to make electricty butt……………….! in those areas who have no water and people die for thurst….windmills can make water from air… We have a great plan for this. our e mail address is ultimat_warrior AT we are [...]

Pakistan’s First Electric Motorbike Launched

Fantastic job for the people of country like us where the oil prices are going beyond the limits. Ejaz Ahmad