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The US has offerred 10 million dollars in aid to the victims of the Kashmir earthquake.

Sound like a lot of money?

Well, to put that in perspective, ExxonMobil just posted the greatest quarterly (3 month) profit of an US company ever over 100 billion dollars.

What is 10 million to Exxon Mobil?
13 minutes of profits.

That’s right: ExxonMobil earned in 13 minutes the entire amount that the US donated to Pakistan for earthquake relief.

As for the US taxpayers, we, for example, spend about 7 billion dollars per month on the Iraq war. A modest amount of money compared to ExxonMobil’s profits. But, again, the 10 million dollar total in earthquake relief amounts to about 1 hour of ongoing US operations in Iraq.

Let’s get our priorities straight!! peace

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