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Pakistans 1st Literary Review for Young Creative Writers Launched

Can you please tell me how it is possible to subscribe to this review? I live in Karachi Nayyara PakPositive: Any help, anyone? It’s called Alhamra Literary Review (launched at Khaas Gallery in Islamabad, according to the story).

Attracted the interest

You seem to have attracted the interest of “major” news sites as this title on PakTribune site suggests they read your blogged item headline from daily Times story: Pakistan’s first Film school starts off by teaching Documentaries Danish PakPositive: Awrright! Though they cleverly changed ‘learning’ with teaching, eh? Bad boys! They don’t even acknowledge Daily [...]

Mango and Summer Fruit Festival

The 40th Mango and Summer Fruit Festival Mirpurkhas 2005 has got status of National Festival such as Basant and Besakhi. It is being celebrated on 4th –6th June 2005 at Gama Stadium Mirpurkhas. The mango growers from all over Pakistan are invited to install their stalls in the festival. The departments under district Government, the [...]

Pakistani problems

For Mansoor, there are many sites, media, and so on out there that highlight the Pakistani “problems” as you mentioned, what we don’t have is enough people showing the Good Pakistan, which one must admit , there’s a lot of good there. Check out the work of people like the Global Council of Pakistan, PakPrideLive, [...]

Scholarships in US

I am trying to get latest information about the scholarships in US,Canada and Australia but couldn’t find the right way to get information i have completed my graduation(B.A) from 1st division now i m looking forward to go abroad and continue my further studies there so can u please suggest any website or any scholarships [...]

A sincere effort

A sincere effort, though questionable. I really appreciate your effort and all this work to motivate fellow Pakistanis. However I have a few comments to make regarding what is “positive” for Pakistan. First of all, I don’t understand why so many Pakistanis are all of a sudden so obsessed with “modernization” and all that crap… [...]

120 US Scholarships for Pakistani Students Announced

I am from Pakistan and I have been trying to get a Scholarship in any university in the States for the past 4 years. But every one kept saying that they do not offer any! I really don’t know why? It’s not like I’m doing this to get a visa or anything, I already have [...]

Ex-Banker Plans to Re-Brand Pakistan Inc.

South Africa is using the Unilever proprietory brand management tool – the Brand Key – to position itself as a brand. It\’s a great example of a country using a hands-on marketing tool to brand itself. About a month ago, I was positively surprised to see an ad by the Pak government, inviting [...]

Ex-Banker Plans to Re-Brand Pakistan Inc.

Despite the fact that it saddens me everytime I see people on the news protesting for their ex-Mofo\’s leaders and their pathetic disease to politics, I am somehow reliefed that these two (Aziz & Musharraf) are playing hard ball with those who have been long time hurting Pakistan in every GOD damn aspect, those who [...]

Imran Khan became Chancellor

Imran Khan became the Chancellor of a British University. Wamiq