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Pakistan in the third largest beauty pageant- Miss Earth

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Pakistan has broken those barriers that were never dreamed of, In just one year, Pakistani delegates were sent to Miss Tourism International, where Pakistan won Best Talent and Miss Disco for the dancing portion and finally Miss Earth was a big step towards changing attitudes in Pakistani culture. The most controvertial part of the pageant was that the Pakistani delegate took part in a bikini competition.


  • Anonymous

    what the hell. Pakistan in….these competitions. This must be a fake. Man. I cannot believe it. Its just shit.

  • Anonymous

    because of these people we had such an horrible earthquake.

  • Omer Shahab

    @ Anonymous: I can almost see white foam coming out of your mouth…. Shoo!! go back into your cave you bigoted creep and stay there!

  • Anonymous

    this is totally shit and must be condemend by each n every person. it is true by doing this we are inviting Allah Azab to us in ways of earth quakes and many things which comes daily in our lives.