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Pakistan Earthquake 2005

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Earthquake Victims Information System

The students of International Islamic University volunteered and collected data from various hospitals. Most of this data was in raw form and handwritten. Some of the hospitals simply denied providing the data. The students converted whatever was made available to them through their private efforts into a searchable archive. The technical expertise & Hardware is provided by NESCOM foundation and the hosting is provided by Future Connect Pvt. Limited Together we have managed to put all this data on this web page in a searchable archive. The sole purpose of all this effort is to locate the victims for their loved ones.

Waqar Uz Zaman


WikiPakistan and the Quake of 2005

According to [[Wikipedia:2005 Kashmir earthquakethe Wikipedia]], the earthquake hit at 08:53 hours, Pakistan Standard Time on Saturday, October 8th, 2005. It was Friday night here in California and before I turned in to sleep, I saw a Yahoo news story about a quake in Pakistan. It seemed like a pretty major natural disaster–though, at the time, we had no idea quite how bad it would turn out to be. Since I have been working on ”WikiPakistan” for a while, and this kind of national event was exactly what this Wiki was envisioned to address, I created a page to gather information about the quake and about relief efforts and so on. Then I sent an e-mail to several mailing lists I am on and to some friends (okay, a lot of friends) and went to sleep. (The text of the e-mail is part of this entry on my blog:

It was 2:08 am Eastern Standard Time, and about 2 pm in Pakistan, when I made my last edit that night ([ here's how it looked then]); it had been about five hours since the earthquake hit…




Below is a letter I received from Brig.(Retd) Abdus Salam Akhtar (principal College of Digital Sciences (CDS) Karachi-Rawalpindi) who is actively conducting the relief & rehabilitation operations in Balakot & Muzaffarabad region and needs generous contributions for relief efforts.

The donation may be sent in the name of Al-Khawarizmi Society in cash or cheque in the Account Number 20311-714 -107770, Habib Bank AG Zurich, and 9, Haider Road, Rawalpindi



Surveillance video

Surveillance video capturing Earthquake in Pakistan:
pakistan earthquake video

Or in Flash Video format at:



School Emergency Evacuation Plans

Congradulation Pakistan for showing such courage and unity in these trouble times, but the real test has just begun.

One small point on Rehab.

Schools in our country currently do not have any emergency evacution plans implemented, we need schools and colleges to determine emergency exit routes, atleast now in the aftermath of the Saturday quake. We need to introduce the pratice of conducting fire drills in schools as well.

Our students and faculty are usually not familier with the pre and post earth quake dos and don’ts.

Zeeshan Shah


Dedicated Earthquake Blog

A dedicated earthquake blog has been set up at … Stories, relief efforts, info, etc… You could add a link to it as well as pick the banner up and place it on your site.


Need for a National Disaster Management Agency

The catastrophe caused by the tragic earthquake on Saturday is enormous; thousands have lost their lives and a large number of people have been injured. The nation grieves over this loss of lives. We should not forget the injured either. This upheaval has caused a great loss of housing, property and business, which is worrying. It will take decades and money to rehabilitate the displaced.

While the government has moved to help the people affected by the disaster, private sector assistance is also needed. The international community too has come forward and extended help.

The police, CDA and fire brigade departments immediately started rescue operations at the site of the collapsed Margalla Towers in Islamabad. We only lack the skill to handle such a calamity. In my opinion, a permanent institution called the National Disaster Management Agency should be established with skilled manpower, requisite funds and tools required for dealing with such calamities.

Raziq Hussain


Some options for donations

  • Please drop a check of Rs 150/- crossed to “Edhi Welfare Trust” to any TCS counter or any Edhi centre counter. This amount will be used to provide KAFAN (coffin) to victims of quake.
  • Contribute Rs 10 + Tax to the Mobilink Earthquake Relief Fund by sending a blank SMS to 180
  • President’s Relief Fund for Earthquake Victims – 2005:…/president/index.html
  • Donate for Earthquake victims – through Mir Khalil ur Rehman Foundation (MKRF):…/mkrf/index.html
  • Donate via any Credit Cards / Debit Cards or UBL Net Banking:
  • Donate Rs. 3/= per SMS towards MKRF Relief Fund SMS the word DONATE to 436. Each SMS cost Rs 3 + tax Send as many SMS as you can. This is a joint effort by GEO, Mobilink and Ufone
  • Donate used warm clothes, medicines, dry food items, cash or donate whatever you can to any trusted Relief Camp near your premises.

Syed Najam Ahmed


Blood Donations in Karachi

There are two blood drives for the earthquake relief effort taking place in Karachi today i.e. Wednesday, Oct 12, 2005.

1. The Forum – Parking Lot: 7pm onwards. (organized by HOPE)

2. 22/2, 17th Street, Khyaban-e-Tauheed, Phase V, DHA: 4:30 pm onwards. (organized by Fatimid)

Please make an effort to drive out to whichever is more convenient and donate. Children under 16 are not allowed to give blood.



Pakistanis in Chicago

If anyone living in the Chicago area would like to share their stories of their relatives dealing with adversity following the earthquake disaster, feel free to give me a call (847) 797-5109. My name is Patrick Corcoran and I am a reporter with Pioneer Press newspapers in suburban Chicago. We cover 48 towns and I would love to share your stories
with others in the hopes that it may attract contributions for disaster relief. Thank you…

Patrick Corcoran


Collection of resources for helping the people of Pakistan affected by the unfortunate earthquake strike. Each penny is worth a thousand dollars at this crucial time. Please ask your relatives and others (here & abroad) to contribute generously. May Allah help all those suffering overcome the problems and may the souls of all not among us now, rest in peace (amen)



Could some one please give us the true picture of how is Pakistan and Pakistanis coping after the earthquake? We (Pakistanis in Australia) are very worried as we get news of Government failure to respond and manage relief efforts. All the news we get here is that after so many days help has not been able to arrive in many parts of the disaster stricken areas and.



I want to congratulate my nation.i.e., Pakistanis for showing such a great gesture of humanity for their brothers. Before this we categorize each other as Punjabis, Puthans, Sindhis etc. But now together we rise as a one strong nation that is PAKISTANIS. Im proud to be a Pakistani..

Sana Shehzad


Earthquake Links

The earthquake that has hit our country is the worst disaster we have witnessed. In times like these, we need to stick together and do as much as we can for our fellow Pakistanis. The Karachi Metroblog ( and Lahore Metroblog ( have detailed information on how to donate – please contribute with an open heart. Regards,




AMAL is trying to link up with two NGOs, Islamic Relief and Sungi working in Azad Jammu Kashmir and Abbottabad. The drop-off point for donations is the AMAL office located at #7, St. 62, G-6/4, Islamabad. In case of questions you can contact Nighat Rizvi on (+92) 0300 5003175, Imran Rizvi on (+92) 0300 8551208 and Mehrunnisa Yusuf on (+92) 0300 5002657.
Please donate the following items

  • Clothes, shoes
  • Dry food items such as lentils, sugar, [powdered] milk etc
  • Basic medicines and medical supplies·
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Tents


Bina Shah