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Launch a newspaper as well

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First of all congratulation on such a great idea to bring the positive things about pakistan. Today this is very important as the citizens of Pakistan are being attacked from all sides to pollute the image of Pakistan and present pakistan state as a corrupted and unsecure place. This is hugly done by our media. I was having the same kind of idea to introduce a newspaper which brings only the positive things before the nation. Lack of resources forbid me to do this. I think this will be a great job for you to launch a newspaper as well. We bring all the crimes done in pakistan highlighted. However if we could bring the sinner while being punished, this thing will prevent others to commit the same sin. This would be a great help for this nation. I hope you will consider this seriously. Wish you best of luck. May Pakistan lives the proud life and make its honorable status among other states. Ameen

Syed Khurram Jafery

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    This newspaper will be a great idea. I am not a Pakistani but I know Pakistan is not totally unsecured and dangerous.