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Microcredit in Pakistan

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Microlending is an emerging field in Pakistan that is generating much activity and interest. It is a solid solution to problems of poverty, and its drastic results.

During the recent investigations of the 4/11 Nishar Park blast, it was revealed by responsible authorities that they are aware of young men who are willing to kill themselves in order to earn a living for their families – and that religion and politics has nothing to do with their decision (Jang report). This is the real state of affairs.

While we make superficial comments on “why are they doing it?” – we have to look deeper, and it doesn’t take an effort. What must be taking an effort, honestly, is avoiding the obvious: the monster of poverty, desperation, and fairlessness is rampant in this country.

I have some good news now. Microcredit is emerging as a popular solution, and a much better alternative than one-off charity. Pakistan Microfinance Network ( is a platform site for many MC organizations.

Strongly recommended for all concerned and kind souls who are looking for ways to improve the condition of the country.

Ramla A.