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Shame on the Private Media of Pakistan

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As a Pakistani born American I am deeply ashamed of the management of Pakistani TV stations like Geo and Ary. They could contribute to helping the different parties to have dialog and bring some sense of ‘Hubulwatani’ to our strife torn country. The media loves to FAN the flames of discontent. Our Politicians and Mullahs and also the Media have only had their own selfish gains and notoriety to blame for the present situation at hand. I am shocked that even a moderate so called patriot like Imran Khan cannot see that first we must try to have some stability in Pakistan before you can give any kind of a Democracy a chance to work. Twice before we have allowed Benazir and Nawaz Sharif to loot and plunder our dear Pakistan. After living in Texas for 30 years I am ashamed to say that this is a shameful situation for us to be in. We need a strong and ruthless Military dictator to run our country for the next 5 years so our ungrateful society can learn to appreciate having the democratic right to have a difference of opinion without destroying the very fabric of one of the greatest Muslim Nation in the world. God bless Pakistan and God Bless General Musharraf. I hope he will have the fortitude to dispense the kind of Military Dandaa discipline to these fake Mullahs and Askariat Pasand people who want to impose their subverted and obsolete form of Shariah in the beautiful scenic and serene mountains of My NWFP.

Musalmaan Texan