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Why Violent Protests?

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No doubt that the violent protests in Lahore, Peshawar and few in Karachi are largely condemned by all political and religious parties but we have to take serious consideration and strict measures about these events to prevent them in future.

The main causes of such violent demonstration are lack of education, poverty, unemployment and frustration for the inequality within the society both domestic and global. But there are many secondary reasons including lack of sports and entertainment activities and negative inspiration from electronic media and movies. So participants find these protests as good physical, entertaining and group activities and trying to be more prominent and visible.

Young people being more vigorous and having sudden rise and fall of emotions need a sensible leadership which can guide them in right direction. Specifically, as the crowed psychology is very unlike, we saw people guffawing, tapping hands on hands, waving the sticks and making victory signs, looting the shops, drinking colas and eating burgers while leaving the supreme cause aside, destroying their own properties and putting their own people in difficulties.

The leaders and parties who call these protests should control and guide people properly and not just let them free. They must propagate their objectives to the participants and guide them what to do and what not if they are straight and sincere to the cause and peoples.

At the same time government authorities should be more active and in close contact with the parties and leaders. They should give them freedom according to planned and mutually agreed right. Also precautionary measures in terms of security are very significant because a little lack of attention and resource saving may result in heavy damages, moreover we should learn from experience before it is too late.

Muhammad Tayyab

Re: Why Violent Protests?

Dear Muhammad Tayyab

there is a simple explanation for this! Destruction of the country, outlaw behavior, strangely in USA we have strong guidelines for protest and it is accepted without any question. On the contrary, if other countries make arrest it is labeled as human right abuse, ban on political freedom, and anti democracy. Just remember democracy is a tool to destroy muslim nations, create problems, destroy stability and so on….

Quite frankly it does not matter who the hell runs the country, they are all same, instead of changing the governments people shall work on their issues, problems and solutions. Most of the people are too stupid and brain washed to understand it, change of government is not in the best interest of a country.