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Lahore Photos – 4 – response to Rizanna’s comments
I 100% agree with you that there is no harm in focusing positive features of a city and modern aspects of Pakistan. But to me positive picture of Pakistan would be a tolerant , disciplined nation who respect all with their differences. Tall sky scrapers , glamorous shopping palzas, wide roads and posh suburbs do not truly represent us being modern.

About the Western media portraying us in an exaggerated negative fashion – it’s true! but we are the culprits of our own tarnished image. I live in the West and deal with them on a day to day basis . I simply have no answer for my western friends when they ask me why Pakistani’s are killing each other? why are they burning their properties? etc.

When I was in Pakistan I also wanted to see glamorous images of our cities on western TV, websites etc. but now I only wish that all nations respect Pakistan and Pakistanis as prgressive and forward thinking nation.

We simply cannot build a modern and progressive society on concrete and bricks, we need to work hard and change our point of view.


Lahore Photos – 3
There is no harm in focusing on the positive features of a city. We understand these features may be an integtral part of the city but there has to be a certain degree of clever propaganda on the net or elsewhere, to highlight some modern aspects of life in Pakistan as well. Certainly, we have enough of the Western media protraying us in an exagerrated negative fashion. Therefore, photos that somehow consolidate what the media day and night depicts to the world, is like, agree or disagree, playing their game.

There is nothing pseudo about that.


Lahore Photos – 2
I simply do not agree with Asim. Photos like these represent the true spirit of our cities. It’s high time we discover ourselves and stop being a pseudo nation.


Lahore Photos – 1
I am Pakistani and i used to live in Lahore. I have seen the website and the images of lahore on // Please when you represent the cities in Pakistan, try to show some better pictures. There are so many pictures which show the city very poor and dirty. We should not represent our city very dirty or poor on International level.


PakPositive: Chill out, bro. They’re still better than riots and carnage. Besides, beauty is in the eyes of you know who. :)