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Pakistan’s First Women Air Force Pilots Take to the Sky

I am really proud of the fact that Pakistani women are achieving such heights. There performance has been better than expected as is reported in the news item. I hope to see first Pakistani women air chief, say after 30-35 years, if I am alive and reflect on these days when women were dragged on [...]

Pakistan’s First Women Air Force Pilots Take to the Sky

Old, but related:Female marshals in Pakistan’s skies SameerPakPositive: Thanks. This story seems to be such a hit, I have received quite a few pointers by readers – and a pleasant surprise: all males!

Re: needles-from-karachi-womans…

May also have to do with a very strange phenomenon I myself experienced – \”the persistence of memory\” of the human body. I chipped my nail with a ball pen that jammed into my finger. It chipped my long nail at the top, and left a tiny blue arc. I trimed the nail completely to [...]

Re: microsoft-professional-award-for-9-year-old…

Very amazed by this ! Shq __Pakistanis are second to none in the world and can achieve any thing. spock__Today morning I read the complete news/interview of Arfa Karim by clicking on link of READ FULL STORY which took me to the microsoft website. But now (todays night) I am clicking on this link of [...]

Good to look into the past

It is always good to look into the past as it will reveal a lot. The Central Asia and Sub Continent (more specifically area that comprise current Pakistan) was so much interlinked with each other that when one goes through the travels of the seventh-century Chinese Buddhist monk Xuanzang (in older writings spelled Hsuan-tsang, Yuan [...]

Awesome stuff

saw all the episodes. awesome stuff. having lived all my life outside Pakistan i conjured my image of Pakistan based on what ppl had to say and of course… news. Thru GKP, I and many other overseas Pakistanis LIVED in Pakistan for 3 months. And.. it was a great experience. BaptizedLucifer PakPositive: First time a [...]

It’s a brilliant news story

re: Mr Fulton “The result was announced by the Prime Minister after an hour-long meeting with Mr Fulton.” Oh wow that is fantastic, I really hope they show that here. I think GEO TV is about to launch in the UK so I hope they show a re-run. It’s a brilliant news story and has [...]

Cock fights

I don’t see how this is positive news, if cock fights were banned that would be positive news. xtasy PakPositive: Cut them some slack now. It’s still better than violence, bigotry etc etc.

Knowledge to produce the engines

I must appreciate the people behind the struggle of introducing Pakistan to be one of the 16 car manufacturing nations. I think the country does have the knowledge to produce the engines also and the car manufacturer company must also consider it to be the bottle neck of the issue. Pakistan can produce better engine [...]

This pageant was a bit weird

Re: Miss Pakistan Pageant Hi, I think that having this pageant was a bit weird for me in the beginning but when I went to watch it for the first time, I really have pure fun. It was great to see the number of photographers, media and the entire hall so full, that it made [...]