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Centers of textile and handicrafts?

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Ramla A.

I recently went to Saudi Arabia where I was struck by the Indian garments and textiles that were present everywhere – and a gorgeous variety of them! That made me think – where are the Pakistani textile and handicrafts? What different varieties are there? Why aren’t they showcased to the world?

NOW, I’m doing a research on Pakistani (handmade) textiles and handicrafts. Problem is: I have found very few sources with authentic documentation. And there’s barely a site with good pictures. Plus, I’m bad with names of textiles. :( Need help from the PakPositive community!

I am especially looking for undiscovered kinds of textiles and handicrafts. What different types are there? Where are they found? Do you know of any exotic bazaars where I should go looking? Please write, and I will share highlits of my research on my website for everyone’s benefit. Thanks.

Email: sy_ra79 AT yahoo DOTcom

PakPositive: I am sure there must be some resources somewhere. Anyone? Good luck!