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Karachi Cricket Match

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“The best ever one day match was the first match of the series when India last visited Pakistan played in Karachi.. Even though India won the match but….. “ I have quoted these from an internet site,,,, & yet another exiting match between Pakistan & England. Even though Pakistan was fully in charge of match & need no further gracious & admiring wording about the performance of Individual & team, after what has been published around the world, yet I want to highlight ‘Karachi’ as a venue for any international game.

Even though when Pakistan lost after nail biting ending, the crowed chanting for Indian team, with real ‘Sprit of Sports’, rather than any admiration of the political & so-called friendly days between the two countries. It was obvious during 15 Dec 05 match that Pakistan will win the match comprehensively, but the crowed was not willing to go home until the last ball of the match. No doubt this was again the high spirit of the spectators; & their attitude was merely a slap on the face of the PCB, administrators, and government who are failed to organize international test matches in the city, even though there is no argument that law-an-order is the issue in Karachi. But deeply we have to look from where the law-an-order starts to indulge & deteriorate. If the police & security personnel don’t obey what the ordered for, than there is no surprise that law-an-order situation will be arise & this what is common in Karachi in particular & all over Pakistan in general.

Following is few paragraph from BBC,

“Over the next five minutes, I had my bag checked four times, was patted down by five separate officers and walked through three airport style metal detectors.
Then I was twice buzzed by a hand-held metal detector, had my ticket checked a further six times and still then got called back to throw the batteries for my digital camera in a box for the day.
Amazingly, inside almost everybody who had negotiated security successfully seemed to be smoking cigarettes whilst making incessant calls from their mobile phones despite the fact that mobiles, cigarettes, lighters and matches were supposedly banned!”

Complete you can read at:…/4534112.stm

If anything happened, the high spirit people again ban for years to watch any match in their city, & government says, “What we can do,,, we can not control the law-an-order situation… & that’s why we are in office… other wise we might be outside the boundaries of Pakistan or beneath the soil of Pakistan…”

This is one of the leak in so-called presidential level security, which is ineffective to implement on every one uniformly & equally. Whose knows, if any one planned some thing mischievous, won’t find any or little difficulty to shatter the already horrific image of Karachi.

Sohaib KHAN