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What is your criteria of positive?

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I strongly believe that Pak Positive should revisit its criteria of a positive news, can you please let me know how opening of a Tattoo shop marks as a positive, it is actually complete opposite. I think as Pakistanis we should cherish our family and cultural values, and hold on to them tightly. I agree that body piercing (earrings, nose pins etc.) and temporary tattooing (mehindi) exists among the women of our country for centuries, but please explain to me how an establishment that facilitates people to have dragons drawn on their body, is a positive step for Pakistan.

Please understand that there is a difference between being progressive and loosing our identity, everything coming from the west is not progressive neither it is positive. As a nation if we really have this urge to follow the west lets start by picking up their system of justice and equality instead of setting up body piercing shops.

Zeeshan Shah

PakPositive: Thanks. You may wish to read this and probably this too.

Re: What is your criteria of positive?

Well, here is another example of self delusional behavior where some people must find some thing wrong and the whole identity crisis, cultural values, shake ups……cannot you concentrate the positive thing this web site has to offer? Where is the pride? I am shame to even tell someone I have ties to Pakistan because what shall I show……Oh yeh the old culture crap….sure maybe it works for you but not for people who wants to be proud of their country….

Oh shut up all of you!!!!!!!!!
I am glad at least there is one web site who is trying to bring some pride in the miscible lives of people singing the old boring, useless, dumb song of their culture and identity….

every thing changes but Pakistani people are not allow to change are they??????


Re:What is your criteria of positive?

Shut the hell up Zeeshan…..Pak Positive is a nice site, only thing I will change is to have more sexy pictures of hot pakis up here….

Go find some thing better to do…don’t cry!!!! Only purpose of people like you have is to find some thing to criticize, and feel the false sense of doing some thing for your country…Well you are not doing a damn thing good… shut your mouth and find some thing constructive……I like tattoos and they are big fashion statement. If you don’t like them please keep your opinion to yourself……….