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Excellent work, Keep it up !

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I am Pakistani from L.A, USA. I accidently got to your site( but liked it so much that I can’t tell u. It is simply Awesome site. This is what we friends wish to do for some time as this was badly needed on net to provide a single place to have the positive stories about Pakistan. As other country’s media e.g. cnn, bbc only cover Pakistan with negative stories and if there r any good news regarding Pakistan then it is being given such a small representation on there site that rarely anybody gets a chance to see it. So, now with this great effort of yours we Pakistanis and even foriegners who r interested to know about Paikstan can come to this place. So all the credit goes to you friend. I m simply impressed.

On my side, I am letting all my friends, colleagues and message boards I work on, know about this site. Soon you’ll see, your site will get thousands of hits per day.

Once again, thanks alot man for doing such a great effort. Keep it up and I will also try to put in from my side as well in this, if I come across anything worth mentioning here.

One little suggestion please put this website in search engines like google and msn search and also on desi sites like or etc, so that more and more people know abt it.


PakPositive: Thank you for your kind words, Umer! Sometimes friends like you indeed have reported PakPositive on other sites, and it is much appreciated as well. As far as or is concerned, I really don’t know how to be listed there.