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Pakistan in the Guinness Book

Pakistan in the Guinness Book of World Records! * Widest Gauge Railway * Most Men’s Squash World Team Titles * Most World Championship Squash Titles * Most Wickets In A One-Day International Career * Fastest Cricket Bowler * Largest Mosque * Largest Football (Soccer) * Heaviest Weight Lifted With Ear * Largest Volunteer Ambulance Organization [...]

Pakistani Bloggers are PosiGatored automatically

1-”Blogs signed up for Pakistani Bloggers are PosiGatored automatically.” oh really? -UITgineers – is not here – Any technical issue or we are the part of your “Sincere apologies” …:-) 2-” Pakistani Bloggers. Started 6 months ago with just 1 blog (guess which?)” Yes yes i can guess *leme think hard*…..hummmm.. its Blog.right? [...]

Blogspot login

To have the ‘updated’ message displayed for blogspot login to your blogger account and follow these steps Settings -> Publishing -> Notify -> Yes -> Save Settings xtasy PakPositive: There you go, bloggers! Thanks.

Links in Blogistan

i just had a question regarding the links in the Blogistan section. Some of them display the ‘updated’ message when the respective blog is updated while others don’t. Can this be fixed. PakPositive: Pak Positive has no control over which blog is reported as “updated” because the list is generated by

Comments on basant

Well from last 15 days i have been reading negative comments on basant submitted by people all around the Pakistan to “The Daily News” guys what is all this, someone is saying that this is Unislamic someone is saying that this was an event celebrated by Hindus against Muslim. If we started pointing out events [...]

PakPositive is an inspiration

Talk about inspiration ! then talk about the work that you guys are putting into the Pak positive panorama. If you haven’t already figured it out , I am a BIG fan of what you do ! For people like me who sit across oceans in foreign lands, for whom Green and White is pride, [...]


LMAO why is this positive news? LOLhttp://www.webindia159&n;_date=20050213&cat;=India Re: the price of flowers going up in Lahore for Valentines days? Thieving florists!! ahem… on a more pak positive note, have you considered adding a “comments” section to the news you publish?.. that way i wont have to email you to make my sarcastic comments!! Many thanks [...]

History of Biryani

I am quite impressed with your site. Way to go. As my part of the gesture I am planning to travel to Pakistan to document the History and the significance of Biryanis in different parts of the country. Can you from your side, put me on to people who will get me a couple of [...]

Pakistan in the Delhi Book Fair

Hello there! Read the news about Pakistan’s presence in the Delhi Book Fair. Wanted to add that Oxford Pakistan has had it’s stall in the Kolkata Book Fair for a few years consecutively! Their’s was not that big a presence this year but nevertheless it was there! A few year’s back I remember seeing the [...]

Found the content

(http:// www. DELETED. com) Found the content/idea very similar to that of pakpositive – you might want to do something about this guy. and btw, keep up the good work Ali Nq PakPositive: It already exists on a growing blacklist of ripper sites/blogs (read further below) that have either ripped ideas/stuff from here many times [...]