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Where can you buy it

re: First Volume of Pakistan Cultural Encyclopaedia Launched were can you buy it from as nobodies has heard about it !!! aurfan PakPositive: Well you did hear it here first, didn’t you? And it does say it’s from Lok Virsa.

Thank you guys for printing this

Re: Indian family returns from Pakistan raving about Karachiwell there thank you guyz for printing dis….im sure people mite be getting to know abt pakistan..lemme tell u something more abt chachi Mala Vazirani even told me dat there in Pakistan Sind was such an awesome place dat every taxi had dis Sind written over [...]


(LOL at this guy who wants the divorce sitting at home.. “would you like a cup of tea and the newspaper too with that dear?”. ) … Its seems Pak Positive is fast becoming a place for all information, should we start referring to you as Yoda? Wise man. London Lahori PakPositive: Trusted the force [...]

I need to divorce my wife

I live in Chicago and my wife lives in Pakistan. I need to divorce her. Can you please send me some information that how can i divorce her form here without going to pakistan. PakPositive: Huh?! I wonder what or who gave you the idea to write to this site for info?

Official boy cotter

Two matches won, and no mention of cricket. Have I found the first official boy cotter of the series? Murlizee PakPositive: Hehe, was thinking of boycotting after the dismal performance in the first two, but not after yesterday’s win!

My first visit to Pakistan

It was my first visit to Pakistan. As an India i knew i would not get another chance easily (i know its the same for Pakistanis who want to visit India). I was determined to make use of the opportunity that came my way. i have more than a dozen friends in Pakistan who i [...]

Lahore Road

I was reading one of the articles on the site about the Lahore Road, its funny people of such country only cares about their Language. In reality with no offense there is road names “L**** Ave” in US and a city or town in Canada itself, none of people from Pakistan asked or complained to [...]

Spirit of comradeship

In the spirit of comradeship (for lack of suitable word), I have answered the letter directed at the editor from Mansoor Hussain, who wanted to know ‘how he could help when: …’ Thanks for leading the way M. Zee

I also love to do that

Congratulations! You doing a good job and as Pakistani I also love to do that. Would you like to guide me how? Because * If one president or Govt can put whole nation on trail only to save a captain? * If judges are bound to take oath of army for having a seat in [...]

The charter of Pak Positive

I think the following story fits the charter of Pak Positive very well. http://www.csmonitor.cwosc.html The story behind the story is particularly refreshing. http://www.csmoml#baldauf SS