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I am writing to introduce a project I have “founded”. I put that in quotes because I don’t really own the project; it is a public resource. PakPositive has been an inspiration to get this project started, and I acknowledge it in the “About” and “Sources of Information” sections of the database. Here’s the intro:


Pakistan Wiki, Wiki Pakistan!, PakWiki, WikiPak, call it what you will, it is now live:

(You may want to avoid “Paki Wiki”, since in some parts of the world, that first word is seldom used in affection.)

The basic idea is a national project. A “Pakistan Information Database” to which everybody can and does contribute. And that’s where you come in; the site is currently just a skeleton, and it is you, the Pakistani, the member of Pakistan’s diaspora, or just someone intrigued by the country and the region that can help collect information. You can read more at: .


PakPositive: Good luck. :)