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Mango and Summer Fruit Festival

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The 40th Mango and Summer Fruit Festival Mirpurkhas 2005 has got status of National Festival such as Basant and Besakhi. It is being celebrated on 4th –6th June 2005 at Gama Stadium Mirpurkhas. The mango growers from all over Pakistan are invited to install their stalls in the festival. The departments under district Government, the departments under provincial and federal / central Government, NGOs, mango and fruit related industries, agriculture related industries, beverages, pesticide and fertilizer companies, and commercial Banks are invited to install their stalls. Non-Agricultural Industries such as Motor Cars, Motor Cycles, Electronics, Garments, Toys, Shoes and Cosmetics etc. also requested to install their stall as well as fix their sale point. A Mina Bazar for women is also arranged in Gulstan-e-Baldia. A seminar is also arranged in which scholars and researchers from all over Pakistan will read papers regarding mangoes. Singers, Circus, Magic Show, Malakhara, Animal Races, Mushaira, Adbi Kachhari, and Fire wok and Tablos may also be arranged for entertainment.