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Ex-Banker Plans to Re-Brand Pakistan Inc.

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Despite the fact that it saddens me everytime I see people on the news protesting for their ex-Mofo\’s leaders and their pathetic disease to politics, I am somehow reliefed that these two (Aziz & Musharraf) are playing hard ball with those who have been long time hurting Pakistan in every GOD damn aspect, those who have done nothing but built their own palaces, those who have done nothing but promoted feudalistis approach to the governing administration, those who have done nothing but have gained interest on their saving accounts in Swiss Bank.

I can still truly only wish that they would sweep the floors of those people who are only IN for their vested interest, and their interests are very known.

I really hope Mr.Aziz and Pres. Musharraf keep up with the strong determination that they have shown in recent years for Pakistan’s economy and political reform.