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If u Sow Blood, You Will Reap Suicide Bombers

Silent Sufi

Blasts in Hangu, de-railing of trains, killing of innocent people, sectarian violence, intolerance to one an others religious and ethnic identity and mass lawlessness... is this what we are getting from our mighty rulers in uniform.... ruling elite have no need to purchase Sugar from their street shops, ...

Last Test and differance Between India & P

Silent Sufi

WHAT KARACHI AND SINDH PITCHES has in this part of year and Others don't. The Pakistan team has shown its true colours, and slapped badly its own board who gave them dead pitches on previous two occasions and killed the spirit of game, if we had sporting wickets ...

Dead pitches & sports a weapon of oppression

Silent Sufi

Recent Test match in Faisalabad has been replica of Lahore game, matches in Pakistan have always been ?game killer? many of prominent cricketers of their time always avoided to come to Pakistan, mainly Bowlers of Dennis Lilly , Andy Roberts or Sir Richard Hadley has always avoided to ...

Assistance to Earthquake Victims


Israel has offered help to the victims of this horrendous earthquake. I would like to know why the Pakistani government hasn't accepted this help. Israel's Search and Rescue Unit has had incredible experience all over the world rescuing people from earthquakes and other disasters. ...

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