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Dead pitches & sports a weapon of oppression Recent Test match in Faisalabad has been replica of Lahore game, matches in Pakistan have always been ?game killer?

many of prominent cricketers of their time always avoided to come to Pakistan, mainly Bowlers of Dennis Lilly , Andy Roberts or Sir Richard Hadley has always avoided to come to Pakistan due to its dead pitches when tour schedule is announced most of the games are only played in Punjab (except one side match in Peshawar or Quetta) in recent past, few years back when matches were evenly distributed in whole country than there was charm for people to come to watch game but pitches which are deliberately produced by grounds men on order of higher authorities at PCB are meant to ensure that Pakistan should not loose if can not win ! so the pitches are always flat and batsmen?s paradise and death bed for most skilful, power full, fast bowlers.

Joke of the century is that Pakistan has most talented fast bowlers in world at test and first class level and the supply will never finish due to charm and love of game in people of Pakistan but beurocrates ruling governing body of Cricket had probably no insight in Cricketing and sports men spirit that mentality was also in Players we can see Past captains Before Imran Khan & After Imran Khan , before Imran with one exception of Mushtaque Mohammed all Captains were of same type off course Mr. A.H. Kardar was a brilliant First Skipper of Pakistan remaining lot was happy to ensure a Draw hence they never took risks and flat dead pitches were always produced which will favor spinners on third or fourth day of game other wise batsman will breack all previous records!!

This is killing the sole of game, except India and Pakistan all over world sporting pitches are ideally produced. Imran Khan was a great sports man and he had insight in to cricket?s sole and in depth of game he always took chances and worked very hard to achieve his goals.

He is the only factor who changed the face of game in Pakistan, No Board or government has done any good to game what Imran Khan has done, his personality is larger than life in Pakistani cricket, he has inspired millions of young kids who watched cricket on Tv and followed him to be fast bowlers or all rounder, what we are having today is Imran?s legacy but Inzmam is not Imran he can not fight with an old dog as PCB chairman who will loose his Job if he lost to INDIA.

A country where President of nation has so much free time for watching cricket! how a civilian Board chairman can risk his job by loosing a test match to arch rivals and enemies!! so if they had any say over one day games they will try to win or draw all one dayers too.

Pakistan is a Sick country where rights of smaller provinces are being looted in broad day lights in each walk of life even sports has been monopolized by one province? not only that 90 percent of players come from Punjab but coaches, grounds, stadia and every related developments are also in Punjab, take last 60 years history there will not be a single Sindhi player in any International team in any sport!(In each OLYMPICS Pakistani contigent is always a Joke Not due to players but officials who out number players, they are retired Army Officers with pot baileys & huge wives running from here to there for free facilities offered and proudly tell people they are Pakistani squad.

Once upon a time there was a Test standard stadium in interior Sindh at Hyderabad ?Niaz Stadium? where at least a dozen test matches were played including some famous cricket tests where Imran Khan played his magic over Indians and Javed Miandad his 380 runs marathon with India in same test, Abdul Qadir and his leg spinners became famous from Hyderabad test v/s England.

That Niaz stadium is in very bad shape today PCB has only interest in Punjab, they don?t want to invest a penny any where else past five years show how many matches were played out of Punjab almost nil.

Karachi is biggest city of Pakistan after an incident with New Zealand team indirectly they have blacklisted Karachi as venue of international matches, now after a long time they are giving this city a chance of test match only after MQM has played their part, but many other cities of Sindh can be a suitable Venues they are devoid of any international matches since last many years Hyderabad, NawabShah and Sukkur or Larkana in Sindh than Quetta, Peshawar, Abbotabad are potential venues for international matches and matches in thise cities will not icrease their revenue but help boosting Cricketing talents of the interior Pakistan too.

PCB higher ups should come out from their cocoon and broaden their vision in sports and sports facilities which is right of all not one province.

We will discuss the talent of Ex- & serving Army Officials in sports bodies and medals they have earned to Pakistan in past 60 years in International events and respects they have brought to country in international Fora of Sports!! cricket pitch