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Assistance to Earthquake Victims Israel has offered help to the victims of this horrendous earthquake.

I would like to know why the Pakistani government hasn't accepted this help.

Israel's Search and Rescue Unit has had incredible experience all over the world rescuing people from earthquakes and other disasters.

All we want to do is help.

Should Israel's help be accepted? earthquake
10 Oct 2005 | 111 Chaya says:   Posts: 4
I accidentally posted this twice (don't know how it happened). But my prayers are with all those affected by this horrible disaster.
16 Oct 2005 | 117 Chaya says:   Posts: 4
How awful about that helicopter crash in which six soldiers were killed on their way to help earthquake victims. This is truly a catastrophe beyond human comprehension.

I have read that Pakistan is willing to accept Israeli help. I am sure we could set up field hospitals whereby those who were injured could receive medical attention.

I don't understand why there haven't been any 'visitors' here.
17 Oct 2005 | 119 Jen Says:   
I guess you posted on a very specific or limited exposure forum as this ones mainly listing bloggers I think

try a more populated forum... do a google on "pakistani forum"
21 Oct 2005 | 121 Chaya says:   Posts: 4
Thanks for replying, Jen. Maybe people are out trying to assist the victims of the earthquake. And now that Wilma is wreaking damage - and will probably inflict a great deal more - we will see less money that people will be willing to send to Pakistan. I think the people up in the mountains have to - somehow - be brought out of there by helicopters, especially before the winter sets in.