Getting pictured (and loving it!)

Posted by Zunaira on 23 February 2005

No shy Pakistanis, please. As a nation, we are extremely confident about facing the cameras.

In groups, we allign properly [a straight line, no matter how long]. In a crowd, we might turn the cheek but our eyes can still drill a hole through the viewfinder [remarkable this one]. As individuals, we pose and might even request for a second shot if we think the cameraperson is incapable of capturing our persona. Unabashed or overconfident? Perhaps those are strong words to describe a camera-loving country.

From kids eagerly expecting tourists to zoom their lens [and donate some candies while they do] in hill stations to Executives who can never get enough press-promos for their portfolio, Pakistan is a canvass of varying portraits. Modesty knows few, finds favor with few.

If self-confidence in identity is a crises, perhaps this is just one of the many extremes we need to stay positively beaming in front of the cameras ;-) Anyone dare to disagree?

well lady, this �self-confidence in identity� is not the only issue in which Pakis are in grip. But the irony is that our so-called 'nation' is facing crises from all fronts. Be it Media, foreign policy or poverty alleviation, our strategies are stuck-up and need a can I dare to disagree!!!

But this drive of materialism �another example of where we surely got hoodwinked-- is heavily supported by all sectors and the intensity is increasing day by day...Here the Golden key of 'I within' should not get lost but the reality is that it is diminishing day by day replaced by imitation and mockery. The most devilish thing done to it is the mundane role of Electronic media of Pakistan; the power that can bring drastic changes to beaming millions has also become the victim of this falsehood.

In such circumstances...lets not enter in the groove of pessimism. Hold the disc, and be 'pakpositive' :-)


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Zunaira said: -
yea? And I really wish SOMEBODY would ban these supersonic jumbo sized headsets that prevent normal neck movements in the 'executive' species.
Jiya said: -
Lolz... Ever noticed how uptight our corporate leaders appear in their publicity photographs? My boss has this weird habit of always posing with his a phone in one hand and fingers on his laptop PC!!

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